Data Collection


Why collect environmental data?

What you don't know you don't know... it is very true for environmental data.

Drinking water supplies

You can look at the water in a glass and taste it but do you really know what is in it?  Is this water good enough to drink now and in the long term?  Is it okay for all of my family to drink it?  Could this water be causing issues with my pipes?  Is what I am doing on my property affecting the water quality?

Water flows

The stream that supplies water for your irrigation system and may run past your window can not be measured by dipping your finger into it?  Some questions that may need answered could be what is the flow during winter?  What is the flow during summer when you need it the most?

These are vital aspects of many peoples livelihoods and survival.  Environmental data collection provides the curious with information for the solutions that they need and can help fill the gaps in knowledge. Collecting a range of information for different scenarios is extremely helpful in mitigating effects and proactively solving issues.

AquaTechs' philosophy

AquaTech has the belief of collecting robust environmental data at key opportunities using well maintained and accurate equipment that is fit for purpose.  AquaTech also pride themselves in providing an efficient service by combining tasks wherever possible to assist with affordable monitoring.


What is environmental data collection?

Environmental Data collection involves collecting a vast range of parameters for all sorts of applications.  Whether the data collection is for water testing or flow measuring, robust consistent methods are vital.  AquaTech always follows industry or national standards and protocols.

For example if you wanted to know what your groundwater consisted of as it tasted unusual you wouldn't only test the water for the usual suspects such as E.coli.  To fully understand the reasons and possible effects of the waters' constituents, additional on-site field monitoring parameters are required to get the full picture of all the factors.

When measuring the flow of a stream to ascertain the volume of water being diverted and remaining in the stream, it is beneficial to measure at peak and non-peak times.  This gives a much better picture of the system during key scenarios.

How it works...

AquaTech will work with you to meet your environmental data collection requirements resulting in meaningful information that will help to answer your questions.  

AquaTech will provide you with a stress free service that is centered around collecting the best possible and accurate robust data in an efficient and affordable manner.  

Contact us for advice or an obligation free quote.  We'll run through your data collection needs and discuss your objectives to provide a clear proposal.  It is important that key information is provided such as location of each site to be monitored, why you need the monitoring information, do you have any concerns about the data such as instrument accuracies and resolution requirements, are there other forces at play that could affect the result, i.e. other water users, is the data likely to be used for other purposes and lastly if additional monitoring will be required in the future.

A monitoring plan can be developed for the client to ensure consistency, robust data collection and clear communication for the client.  Contact Dianne on 021 862 430 for an obligation free quote.

Why aquatech?

AquaTech strictly follow national protocols for groundwater sampling and national standards for flow gaugings and other types of data collection (or client standard operating procedures).

With over 20 years experience collecting environmental data, you can be assured that AquaTech have the knowledge and skills for delivering a very high standard in both the quality of the data and efficiency in the way it is collected.  

AquaTech staff have extensive data collection experience and skills which are enhanced by their knowledge of Southland and it's environmental challenges.  This understanding of the area and environmental processes provides the client with a higher level of service.




If you're interested in the collection of environmental data, we'd love to hear from you.

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