AquaTech has the key equipment to monitor stream flows at very low velocities.  

The preferred current meter that is used in slow flowing streams has been sent to Sydney to be calibrated in a rating tank which can measure minimum velocities of 0.035 metres per second.  The OTT-C2 is a very versatile instrument that is ideal for small slow flowing streams.

To ensure all data is collected at the expected time, AquaTech always carry a backup set of measuring equipment.

AquaTech ensure each flow measurement is carried out to the highest standard possible by calibrating the meter as required, carrying out daily acceptance checks on the meter and following national environmental monitoring standards.

Comprehensive metadata is collected at each site:

  • water temperature, conductivity and dissolved oxygen readings
  • GPS co-ordinates
  • weather conditions
  • site details and location description
  • extensive photos to provide the client with visual records of each flow measurement



For a no obligation free quote to measure your streams and irrigation channels.  Phone 021 862 430 or dianne.aquatech@xtra.co.nz